Welcome to Madstone Design

Inspired by what designer, Kerri Halpern, refers to as “the madness”, Madstone pays homage to Halpern’s obsessions including art, fashion, superheroes and champagne. Madstone’s designs emulate Kerri’s esoteric and unusual aesthetic. Never one to wear pieces that are feminine or soft, Halpern sought to create an edgy and evocative collection that could be paired with a couture wardrobe


La Cage Earrings La Cage Earrings From $2,900.00 Multi Colored Sapphire Cuff Multi Colored Sapphire Cuff From $130.00 Magnum Bubble Earrings Magnum Bubble Earrings From $4,900.00 M8 Open Hoops M8 Open Hoops From $240.00