About Us


Kerri Halpern’s lifelong passions for art, fashion and architecture exquisitely come together in Madstone™, a fine jewelry brand as unique and diverse as the woman herself. As evidenced in her all black Couture wardrobe with hints of rock & roll and refined art, the jewelry Kerri creates is an extension of her ability to mix art and architecture with fashion on the luxury level.

As only a former fashion house publicist would, Halpern launched Madstone on the runway during New York’s exclusive fashion week in 2010. In its first year, it was immediately clear that Madstone had an alluring edge, melding exotic colors with dark metals, unusual stone setting and masterful metalsmithing. With collections entitled Bubbles, M8 and MadAnimals, the line had immediate editorial appeal. Halpern orchestrated precious gemstones to be custom cut to imitate textural fabrications and these unusual choices have greatly benefited the brand. Halpern launched a second line, MAD by Madstone , in 2012, when her daughter Kelsey joined the design team. The mother and daughter collaboration had a distinct goal: attracting a younger demographic at at more accessible price point, which widened the brand’s audience-base and appeal.

After maintaining a significant presence at The Couture Jewelry Show and exhibitions across the US and in Paris and London, Kerri knew Madstone’s next collection must be bold and epic to appeal both to the media and collectors within fashion’s elite circles. Mythology debuted in 2013 as her first bespoke collection. Each piece of jewelry in this collection is designed to embody the essence of the Greek Gods and Goddesses and features carved gemstones and elaborate design techniques.

Prior to starting Madstone, Kerri Halpern lived the life of a young fashion publicist in NYC and it appealed to her creative side. She had her finger on the pulse of the fashion world and was intrigued by designers’ manipulation of fabrics. Traveling to Germany, France and Italy for shows, she also fed her appetite for art by visiting museums and galleries, seeking out young modern talents. Her decade of PR work in the city taught her how to push the limits of creativity and design on behalf of her clients. Watching how fashion designers were creating hard edges by pairing unusual materials with the softest of silks, gave her a deep understanding and appreciation for all forms of art and design. Today she applies this same mentality to her own work.

While taking an extended break to raise a family, Kerri was never far from the world of art and design. If anything, her ability to step outside of the industry gave her more freedom to travel, collect and create on her own time. She had the time to carefully plan out and perfect her vision for a brand that epitomizes her own unique style and merges design techniques and methods from both the fashion and art worlds.